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Clinic Update: Downed Owl

WRARI Executive Director Kristin Fletcher picked up a downed great horned owl at a baseball field in Middletown RI last week. In the photo above it is being weighed at the Wildlife Clinic.

The bird had been caught in netting put up to prevent stray baseballs from reaching West Main Road.

As Kristin described it: “When I got there, the owl was stationary in the middle of the field in the heavy rain. He didn't even try to get away.”

He was brought to the clinic where he was examined and treated supportively, including the anti inflammatory and pain medication, metacam. Fortunately, he had no obvious feather damage from the run in with the net. He ate six mice that night, which was a great sign.

A few days later, the owl had a little swelling in one shoulder that could be from struggling while caught in net, but overall his prognosis for release looks really good.

The owl has been moved into a larger pen at the clinic for conditioning. So far so good, as you can see in the photo below.

WRARI clinic staff hope to release him this week (week of Nov 21 2016.)

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