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Wildlife Rehabilitators Association of Rhode Island - WRARI, is committed to fostering an understanding and respect for all Rhode Island wildlife, through education and practical assistance with wildlife issues. WRARI also strives to provide quality and humane care to injured and orphaned wildlife, with the goal of release back into the environment.


WRARI was founded in 1993 by a committed group of private citizens including Dr. Meredith Bird of Veterinary Services of Wickford, and subsequently championed by rehabilitator and now Executive Director Kristen Fletcher, and by WRARI veterinarian Dr. Chi Chan. We also have a Board of Directors. 


We raise all of our operating funds from donations, grants, and fundraising events. At this time, we do not receive state or federal funding. 



Our annual operating expenses are approximately $185,000.  We spend most of these funds on FOOD and HOUSING for the animals.  (For more see Support Us)

  • To promote communication and the dissemination of information among the wildlife rehabilitation community and to the general public through conferences, newsletters and other educational materials

  • To promote the conservation of wildlife and natural resources of the State of RI

  • To promote the professionalism of licensed wildlife rehabilitators

  • To provide medical and rehabilitative services, food and board to injured wild animals

  • To work with federal agencies such as the U.S. Department of the Interior and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Rhode Island agencies including the DEM to assist in the development and enforcement of adequate regulations concerning wildlife

  • To establish, maintain and manage a wildlife clinic and educational facility and to take any steps necessary to do so, including seeking grants and other forms of funding to purchase and or lease a location for said clinic


Our GOALS (2015-2020 WRARI Strategic Plan)
  • Maintain the highest level of veterinary care for wildlife

  • Recruit and retain more volunteers

  • Build an effective, engaged Board of Directors 

  • Formalize WRARI’s marketing and public relations efforts to better promote the unique and successful work of the organization

  • Expand fundraising efforts 

  • Explore partnership opportunities with organizations/institutions that can enhance and supplement the work of WRARI



Kristin Fletcher, Executive Director (Volunteer)​

Dr. Meredith Bird, Veterinarian (Volunteer)

Dr. Chi Chan, Veterinarian and Rehabilitator (Volunteer)

Licensed Rehabilitators

Certified Subpermitees


Dr. Lucy Spelman, Chair

Kathy Lamb, Vice Chair

Ellen Balasco, Esq., Secretary

Natalie Darmohraj, Treasurer

Cody Burnett

 Judy Ireland

Anne Walsh Mills​

Todd Butlin

Sandy Coletta

Peter Green

Arianna Mouradjian

Who We Are
WRARI is a non-profit organization dedicated to the provision of veterinary and rehabilitative care to all species of injured and/or orphaned native wild animals in Rhode Island. Our base of operations is the Wildlife Clinic of RI in Saunderstown. The clinic staff includes a full-time Animal Care Coordinator and two full-time animal care technicians. We work closely with licensed volunteer wildlife rehabilitators across the state and dozens of other volunteers who help with events. Our team also includes a Board of Directors and thousands of supporters across the state who donate when they can and support us on social media. 

What We Do
The goal of wildlife rehabilitation is to provide professional care to sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals so they can ultimately be returned to their natural habitats. Some animals stay at the clinic for continued care, while others either stay with one of our licensed rehabilitators or are transferred to them once they are stable.  

In addition to animal care, WRARI provides training and support for state-licensed rehabilitators.  We also educate the public about what to do when they find an animal that needs help and we maintain a dedicated phone line for questions and advice, the Wildlife Hotline (401) 294-6363.

WRARI is a mostly volunteer organization that relies on public support to operate. To support our programs, we raise funds from individual donors, grants, foundations, and fundraisers. At this time, we do not receive state or federal funding. 

How Many Animals
The number of animals we care for each year has been steadily rising and is now between 4,000-5,000. The increase reflects greater demand for our services. Rhode Islanders are more sensitive than ever to the needs of native wildlife. More people are also gardening and enjoying Rhode Island’s parks and natural areas, all of which increase the risk of chance encounters. WRARI is the only organization licensed to rehabilitate all species of native wildlife RI!

What it Costs

Our annual operating expenses are currently $185,000. We spend most of these funds on FOOD and HOUSING for the animals. 


How You Can Get involved

You can help by looking out for wild animals that may be injured or orphaned - please refer to our page IF YOU FIND A WILD ANIMAL.


Consider also donating to support our programs, enrolling in a training course, and volunteering. Please also visit us on Facebook and share our work on social media.

For more, see Support Us.


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Interested in donating your time and expertise?  We are always looking for help.  Some positions require no formal training; others require training and state examination. For more, see Volunteering

Arianna Mouradjian
Clinic Director
Kristin Fletcher
WRARI Executive Director
Dr. Chi Chan
WRARI Rehab Veterinarian
Dr. Meredith Bird
WRARI volunteer
Emily Buterbaugh
WRARI volunteer
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Arianna Mouradjian

Clinic Director